About Us

Founded in 2014 in Copenhagen, OAM Consult seeks to harness the power of public and private partnerships for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in emerging economies. Our clients include philanthropic organizations, family foundations, governments, the United Nations family, the World Bank Group, the African Development Bank and partner development agencies in Europe, Africa, the Arabian Gulf and Asia.

We focus on mainstreaming a rights based approach to data collection, analysis and sharing and support the design and development of monitoring and evaluation systems that incentivize cross organizational and cross sectoral learning and collective impact.

Our advisory services target policy, practice and research stakeholders involved in designing and implementing initiatives in three key areas:

  • Leverage public and private partnership towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in emerging economies with a focus on harnessing opportunities in green and blue economies.

  • Enhance partner decision making in the humanitarian/human rights, development and peace nexus through the transformation of how stakeholders target and manage risks through an emphasis on granular data insights about people.

  • Strengthen social impact monitoring of philanthropic and private sector organizations in Europe and emerging economies towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Approach

OAM Consult firmly believes that governments that are able to manage and mobilize their own revenue will be able to lead their own development agendas in a sustainable manner, strengthen democratic pressures on government accountability and reduce foreign aid dependency.

Our approach is reflected in our name: Observe Act Mentor (OAM).
Everything we do for clients and with our partners has one thing in common: we start with the people for whom the solution is designed.

Our goal is to enhance the investments and impact of private and public stakeholders to a new standard with a focus on simplicity, speed, transparency and trust. To do this we focus on building all our client solutions around a data architecture that makes business process more efficient and effective.

Thanks to our extensive partner networks we are able to test ideas and innovations on the ground in real time by quickly tapping into industry knowledge and trends from both public and private sectors.