Our Vision

Our vision is a future in which emerging digital technologies together with local know-how is harnessed safely and responsibly for the public good. We believe innovative approaches that combine on- and offline technologies are key to identifying effective, efficient and sustainable partnership models between the public and private sectors. 

Shaping how we work together.

OAM Advisory Services

With a focus on cross-institutional learning processes, our suite of advisory services target policy, practice and research stakeholders involved in designing and implementing people centered solutions include:

Public and Private Partnerships

The Sustainable Development Goals agenda is a great opportunity to promote global partnerships in order to end poverty, improve human dignity, drive economic growth and tackle climate change. However, a lot of technical work is still needed to unlock the potential of SDGs. Three main challenges that prevent effective and efficient cooperation between public and private sectors are: (a) disparate methodologies to collect and analyze data, (b) high-staff turnover and poor knowledge retention, (c) competition over resources. This is why we don’t believe in breaking down silos, but rather to create opportunities to align silos in a win-win configuration to leverage partnerships towards the SDGs.

Linking Conflict Prevention and Conflict Response

Asymmetrical low-level conflicts continue to proliferate across the globe. These conflicts are being exacerbated by the ultimate risk multiplier: climate change. With a focus on common approaches to data collection and analysis, OAM helps our partners across sectoral divides to shift their focus from expensive and reactive approaches to more proactive, anticipatory, cheaper and sustainable prevention centered solutions. Our emphasis is on developing upstream capacities to address conflict root causes early on. We do this by strengthening institutional capacities and processes to mainstream human rights enhanced technologies into prevention and response work across the gamut of partner policy, practice and research spheres.

Future proofing impact tracking

We have developed a suite of software enhanced capacity building solutions to help clients across sectoral divides efficiently achieve their internal goals while simultaneously proofing their capacity to track their contribution to the SDGs. Public and private entities are currently obsessed with measuring their impact. However, for impact to be accurately measured, cooperation across multiple sectoral partners is needed. For this to happen, common approaches to safe and responsible data collection, analysis and information sharing and co-learning is a prerequisite.


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