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OAM Consult’s value niche is our ability to identify locally sourced solutions. We do this together with our clients and partners by leveraging our collective global partner networks that straddle the policy, practice and research spheres.

Driving impact by incentivizing partner cooperation to advance accountability, transparency and co-learning

Advisory Services

OAM Consult’s advisory services target policy, practice and research stakeholders involved in designing and implementing initiatives in three mutually reinforcing areas:

Public Private

Focusing on lower middle, upper middle and high income countries with decreasing donor interest, we create opportunities to create and leverage partnerships between public, private sector and philanthropies towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Conflict Prevention

Human rights, democratic governance and peace and security are not only complementary, but are essential to achieving and sustaining socio-economic development. We support partners strengthen cooperation, coordination, and joint initiatives across sectors engaged in the human rights, humanitarian, development and peace nexus (HDP Nexus).

Monitoring, Evaluation and Cross Institutional Learning 

We design  develop monitoring and evaluation systems that incentivize cross organizational and cross sectoral learning and collective impact through an emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness as they monitor and gauge social and economic impact towards SDG targets.

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Latest projects

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