Our vision is a future

in which emerging digital technologies together with local know-how is harnessed safely and responsibly for the public good. We believe innovative approaches that combine on- and offline technologies are key to identifying effective, efficient and sustainable partnership models between the public and private sectors.

Service and themes

Our teams provide advisory services to clients engaged in policy, program and research with a focus on the following themes:

  • Increasing primary data uptake through partnerships with civil society and local level groups
  • Combining multiple data sources to inform individual and joint action
  • Design of regional data collection and sharing infrastructure that factors national sovereignty and security issues
  • Shaping data responsibility policy and guidelines best on best practice in remote and conflict riddled contexts
  • Pioneering data monetisation modalities as a frontier solution to communities with limited to no sustainable income generation capabilities  
  • Capacity building of partners in areas of data collection, analysis and dissemination of information
  • Design and implementation of shared risk engagement strategies in operating contexts with limited to no access
  • Design and deployment of trainings to build capacities of remote and on – site teams in ensuring quality assurance and business continuity
  • Design and implementation of resource mobilisation strategies for the UN, WB, AU and governments in low to up middle income countries with a strong focus on private sector engagement.
  • Research, development and implementation of country and regional strategies to promote a better distribution of economic generating opportunities among the urban and rural poor.
  • Emphasis on labor intensive sectors for generating growth that is centred around job creation growth. These include agriculture, forestry, fisheries, livestock and tourism. 
  • All partnerships and fund-raising strategies are firmly rooted in an analysis of the policies, laws and norms governing land access, water management, and local capacities to carry forward results of initiatives in the medium to long term
  • Mediation with focus on track 2 engagement since belligerent groups almost never represent the broader civilian population 
  • Support to peacekeeping and peacemaking in mission and non-mission contexts
  • Elections monitoring with an emphasis on youth engagement 
  • Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration related activities
  • Security Sector Reform
  • Governance 
  • Integration of a human rights approach to strengthen long term prevention capacities
  • Enhancing early warning systems to be attuned to conflict’s structural root causes with an emphasis on stemming cross border risk transference 
  • Countering and preventing violent extremism 
  • Reintegration of armed groups and families 
  • Strengthening civil society and community level data collection in conflict affected zones
  • Development and deployment of remote training modules for field staff
  • Integration of regional migration and climate change dynamics into strategies that promote sustainable economic development and job creation
  • Design and rollout of communication strategies and products for development partners to help them communicate to the population write large [ tax payers and beneficiary communities ] the various objectives , challenges and benefits of aid programs that target security and development dynamics. These products include short videos, blogs, articles, policy briefs, webinar design, podcasts.
  • Country and regional analyses related to strengthening national development and security initiatives through a robust regional approach
  • Thematic analysis that strengthens cross-sectoral performance and transfer of results across humanitarian and development domaines

Where we work


Denmark-Africa Dialogue Series

Enhancing understanding.
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2019- Present

SDG Tracking Software Tool

Collect, analyse, evaluate.

Global Research on Children Reintegration

Supporting reintegration of children affected by armed conflict.

Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration

Enhancing capacity in the region.

Integration of a Results based approach into Human Rights work

Accommodating the need of a result-based monitoring framework.

Global Program for Reintegration Support

Dealing with root causes for prevention