SDG Tracking - software tool

The impact of business, foundations, and philanthropies contributing to the SDGs are of great importance. However, the collection, analysis, and evaluation of data can be costly and time-consuming, and measuring social impact is challenging. Accurate data and partnerships are vital to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in this regard. 

Our objective is to enable organizations ameliorate cross-organizational collaboration and the measurement of output, outcome, and impact towards the SDGs. 

To facilitate these needs, OAM Consult is developing a monitoring and evaluation software tool with specific attention for the SDGs. Enhanced mapping and monitoring of data will improve coordination, coherence, and impact amongst actors working on social and environmental issues. We combine a variety of financial and non-financial resources to identify, analyze, coordinate and support self-sustaining, systemic and scalable (for and not-for-profit) solutions to development challenges aimed at achieving the most significant impact.

Client: Private philanthropic organizations, private sector and academia

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